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"Good Hair Doesn't Come From A Jar"



ADH Dry and ADH WET were developed by @andrewdoeshair (not associated with Chapter 1 Barbershop) to provide texture and a (dry or wet) finish with just enough hold that your hairstyle reacts to your day. Best used after a proper blow drying, as taught by your professional. 

ADH DRY/WET $22 each

The right hairdresser or barber can teach you more about styling your hair than a short paragraph on a jar every could. Good hair doesn't come from a jar. It comes from understanding your hair, and the most efficient and effective way to do that is to sit and have a personalized chat with someone who spends a lot of time elbows  deep in hair. Product is merely a supplement, it serves an important purpose but is ultimately just a small factor in achieving any look that isn't heavy crunchy hair.


ADH DRY is very lightweight, it doesn't harden and it doesn't have any shine.. It adds a lot of texture (makes your hair sticky and gritty feeling) which means that your hairs will then support each other to allow it to build incredible structure, but it won't get hard or flake and it it water base so it washes out easily. 

Tips: Apply it to damp hair before a blow dry and it has an even more subtle and natural look and feel. Use it after blow dry for added texture. 


ADH WET has a little bit more hold and weight and can be used liberally to hold hair in place as it dries and sets, it also has some shine. Once dried and firmed up it will never flake, and it can be brushed out for a softer natural look after it aids in wet setting for hair.

 Tips: Apply to wet hair before a blow dry to make hair smaller and lay more flat.

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